Whether you are a pastor, entrepreneur or organizational leader, the events of the first quarter of 2020 will permanently shape the future of your business, church or ministry. The tagline of AVAIL is “the art of leadership.” This is intentional. As someone who led a university for 14 years, I would never minimize the value of education in the preparation of a leader.

However, even the most well-educated leader must draw upon a deep reservoir of creativity fed by the Holy Spirit in order to respond to the crises and opportunities the future holds—not only with the strategic calculations of an engineer, but with the creative strokes of an artist.

The goal of AVAIL is to help you discern the changing context in which you serve, wrestle with the challenges, seize the opportunities and do so in a way that is true to the unique gifts and creativity that God has placed within you.

Those who embrace the future are undoubtedly embracing the unknown. However, as the last few months have shown us, we are sometimes thrust into the unknown, whether we like it or not.

I challenge you to join me in stepping into the future. The good news is that we don’t do this alone—and that the God we serve is already there, waiting for us.

Sam Chand



Sam Chand’s singular vision for his life is to help others succeed. A prolific author and renowned international leadership consultant, he speaks regularly at conferences, corporations, business roundtables, seminars, and other leadership development opportunities. Sam has authored more than a dozen books on leadership, including New Thinking, New Future; Culture Catalyst; Bigger Faster Leadership; Leadership Pain; Who’s Holding Your Ladder?; What’s Shakin’ Your Ladder?; and 12 Success Factors of an Organization.


Martijn is the co-founder of AVAIL, a strategic marketing architect and a consultant for numerous large organizations and infl uencers. He is also a minister, author and speaker as well as a serial entrepreneur. Martijn’s passion to innovate and see God’s plan unfold in people’s lives inspired him to create several successful companies including Four Rivers Media, Kudu Publishing, Dream Releaser Enterprises and The Leverage Group.