Become Indispensable

Here’s a personal development thought for your day. It’s simply this: become indispensable. Most of us are part of a team and/or organization, and the secret to maintaining and growing your leadership capacity on that team is becoming indispensable. The organization has to have you, because of what you bring.

To be indispensable, you’ve got to be a big contributor. A lot of people are big consumers; but it’s the big contributors that truly make a difference. Here are three things that big contributors do:

1: Promote someone other than yourself. Big contributors aren’t concerned about simply promoting themselves; they’d rather promote somebody else. Put in a good word for someone this week!

2: Serve someone other than yourself. Big contributors don’t have a problem with helping somebody else succeed.

3: Give to others secretly. That simply means that other people don’t have to know all the good that you help bring their way. If you do these three things, you’ll be a big contributor; and big contributors are indispensable.

Here’s another big factor in becoming indispensable—do you support your leader’s vision? One of the ways to avoid getting stuck in the crowd—in the middle of an organization—is to support your leader’s vision. Here are three things that will help you to do that.

1: Get the vision. You’ve got to understand the leader’s heart—their vision.

2: Embrace the vision. This means you bring all of your talent, your skill, and your ability to make sure that the vision comes to pass.

3: Pass on the vision. Help somebody else to get the vision and embrace it as well. If you do these three things, you will stand above the crowd.

Becoming indispensable and standing apart from the crowd will ensure that you’re not just a member of your team—you’re an invaluable member. You’ll start to make changes, have influence, and see your leadership equity grow as you take on more responsibility. So what are you waiting for? Make yourself indispensable.



This article was written by Jeffrey Smith



Pastor Smith received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Bowling Green State University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Pastor Smith has a passion for helping pastors and leaders push their vision forward. As president of JSS Consulting Inc., he helps today’s leaders reach new heights in ministry. His extensive corporate and ministry background has made him uniquely qualified to assist pastors and leaders in reaching their next level. After years of working with pastors and leaders he has developed keen insight in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, systems implementation and enhancing staff productivity. He is sought after internationally for his expertise in consulting leaders and helping them realize their untapped potential.


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