[Podcast] Episode 189: You Have the Promise. Do Something with It! with Chris Pace

podcast Apr 09, 2024

You can’t live a life fulfilled if you don’t take the steps to fulfill it. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, we dive in with Chris Pace to discuss the re-emerging biblical theme of fighting for your future. Chris unpacks our role as co-laborers with God—to open the doors with the keys He gives us—and the fallacy of waiting for God to fulfill His purpose for your life apart from your participation. While we are waiting on Him, God is waiting on us!


00:00 Introducing Chris Pace

5:17 Inspiration behind new book Level Up

8:30 Significance of the term “level up”

11:55 What inhibits people from moving upward?

22:09 The most impactful message found in Level Up

25:49 The higher you go, the greater the resistance

31:42 God redeems and uses our failures for something greater

35:39 How to connect with Chris and get Level Up

36:30 AVAIL Journal

37:17 Final thoughts


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