[Podcast] Episode 191: Coaching Church Leaders into a Better Future with Chris Sonksen

podcast Apr 23, 2024

For your church to grow, your leaders have to grow first. Today’s AVAIL podcast guest, Chris Sonksen, is a leading expert and consultant for helping pastors get unstuck and grow past their limitations. Chris likens the healthy growth of a church to a train that relies on each of it parts in order to operate, walks us through the five parts, and instructs us on how to keep our trains from derailing!



00:00 Introducing Chris Sonksen

3:54 The Church Boom Initiative

5:17 Inspiration behind new book Traction

7:17 Starting point for a “stuck” church

11:14 Does any church have the potential to grow?

13:43 Unpacking the intersection between leadership, finances, and vision

19:45 When a church gains momentum

22:48 The staff, the leaders, and the people

25:08 Common pitfalls among leaders

27:54 Relieving the first- and second-chair leader tension

30:28 The origin of Chris’s passion for restoring and healing

33:21 Where to get Traction and other resources

34:39 Final words of encouragement


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