Living by Principle

Today, I want to talk to you about overcoming weakness. The reality is all of us have times in our lives where we’re not at our best. Maybe our gifts and skills aren’t operating at their fullest capacity, or we’ve suffered a personal or occupational setback. No matter the reason, every single leader (and human being) will walk through seasons of weakness.

Growth demands that we are our strongest when we feel our weakest. That's easier said than done. When we feel weak, our tendency is often to retreat—to operate at a level of “just enough.” Instead, this is the time we must make the strongest effort to press forward.

How do we do this? One major way to remain strong in the midst of weakness is by embracing the understanding that we have to live our lives based upon principle, rather than emotions. As a matter of fact, when we don't embrace principle, we become too vulnerable to our emotions.

Feelings change. Feelings lie. You’ve experienced this before, and it will continue to be true in the future. Far too many leaders have made compromising decisions in the midst of a wave of emotion—decisions they later come to regret. It’s likely each one of us has said or done things that we almost immediately wish we could take back. Why? Emotions are powerful, and they have to be reined in.

I want to encourage you to be a person who lives based upon principle, knowing that it will give you the fortitude and strength to get through your weakest moments. When emotions and thoughts tell you that you’re at your weakest, it will be principle that reminds you to keep operating based on your values. When you don’t know where to turn next, principles will guide your steps.

Another essential part of living by principle is surrounding yourself with principled people. Especially in our seasons of weakness or confusion, their presence will be invaluable. Find trustworthy, wise, principled individuals who will call you out when you’re wrong, or encourage you forward when you’re making a good decision.

Seasons of weakness will come and go for all of us. The key is not to try to avoid them, or rush through them. After all, you’re human. The key is to wisely navigate these seasons, and that can be done primarily by living on principle. Define your principles, find others who reflect strong principles themselves, and remain strong even in the midst of your weakness.



This article was written by Jeffrey Smith



Pastor Smith received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Bowling Green State University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Pastor Smith has a passion for helping pastors and leaders push their vision forward. As president of JSS Consulting Inc., he helps today’s leaders reach new heights in ministry. His extensive corporate and ministry background has made him uniquely qualified to assist pastors and leaders in reaching their next level. After years of working with pastors and leaders he has developed keen insight in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, systems implementation and enhancing staff productivity. He is sought after internationally for his expertise in consulting leaders and helping them realize their untapped potential.


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