[Podcast] Episode 87: Sam Chand on How Change Has Changed

change podcast sam chand Mar 01, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Sam Chand discusses the principles behind his book, Change Has Changed, and how they can help leaders to capitalize on their potential. Find practical tips to help you navigate today’s shifting leadership landscape, encouragement for when it’s difficult, and resources to help you take that next step!

0:00: Introduction with Sam Chand

3:00: Four Things That Have Changed

13:00: What If I Choose NOT to Change?

18:00: 5 Questions That Need to be Asked

27:00: How People Have Changed

32:00: The Importance of Personal Care

36:30: Practical Advice for Navigating Change

39:00: Special Offers from AVAIL

42:00: Closing Prayer and Thoughts

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