[Podcast] Episode 52: A Heart for Children: A Conversation with Esther Moreno

In this episode of the AVAIL Podcast we’re sitting down with Esther Moreno. Esther Moreno has a passion for children and children’s ministry and is the Founder of Child’s Heart Ministries. Esther also works to equip leaders in children’s ministry worldwide with practical strategies and training. Today, she’ll share her powerful insights coaching others and ministering to the next generations.

[0:00-4:00]: Introduction/Meet Esther Moreno

[4:00-14:00]: Esther Moreno on the Founding of Child’s Heart Ministries/Challenges

[14:00-18:20]: The Importance of Training and Teaching

[18:20-22:00]: The True Goal of Children’s Ministry

[22:00-31:00]: Outdated/Irrelevant Practices

[28:58-36:00]: Meeting with Jim Wideman – The Importance of Building Teams

[36:00-41:47]: Esther’s AVAIL Article & Tips for Navigating Succession

[41:47-44:50]: Upcoming Projects - Children’s Ministry Resources

[44:50-46:33]: Connect with Esther Moreno – Live Webinars

[46:33-48:40]: The AVAIL Journal

[48:40-52:37]: Closing Advice & Encouragement

[52:37-53:18]: Outro

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