[Podcast] Episode 58: Defining Your Organizational Culture and Developing Other Leaders: A Conversation with Todd Mullins

In this episode of the AVAIL Leadership Podcast, we’re sitting down with Todd Mullins. Todd Mullins is the Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship, and the Co-Founder of Hope for Freedom alongside his wife, Julie. Today, he’ll be sharing his experiences in pastoring, ministry, and his work to halt human trafficking.

[0:00-5:14]: Introduction/Todd Mullin’s Story

[5:14-10:40]: The Personal and Organizational Challenges of Succession

[10:40-16:00]: Passing the Leadership Baton and Preparing for Necessary Change

[16:00-21:45]: Leading Together – Sharing the Burden and Women in Leadership

[21:45-24:33]: Practical Tips for Married Leaders

[24:33-38:00]: Defining Your Organizational Culture & Leadership Values

[38:00-43:44]: Tips for Creating a Culture of Leadership Development

[43:44-46:38]: February 2022 – christfellowshipconference.com

[36:48-47:14]: Connect with Todd Mullins

[47:14-48:10]: The AVAIL Leadership Journal

[48:10-50:08]: Closing Thoughts and Encouragement

[50:08-50:58]: Outro

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