[Podcast] Episode 9: Combating Leadership Fatigue in 2020: A Conversation with John Jenkins

In this episode, we’ll talk with Pastor John Jenkins of First Baptist Church of Glenarden. We’ll discuss the effects that this year has had on leaders, insights and stories from Pastor Jenkins’s own journey, and practical application points for leaders both young and experienced. You won’t want to miss the leadership insights Pastor Jenkins has to share!

Introduction [0:01––5:59]

John Jenkins on Balancing Family and Leadership [6:00––11:29]

John Jenkins on Leadership Fatigue [11:30––29:38]

John Jenkins on Leading Well in 2020 [29:39––34:29]

John Jenkins on Lessons from being a Pilot [34:30––37:03]

John Jenkins on Leadership Pitfalls [37:04––43:41]

John Jenkins on Leading Near the National Capital [43:42––45:00]

John Jenkins on Leadership Connections and Networking [45:01––49:17]

Conclusion/Final Thoughts [49:17––52:54]



This podcast was featuring John K. Jenkins Sr



John K. Jenkins Sr is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, which has locations in Upper Marlboro and Landover, Maryland. Pastor Jenkins remains steadfast in his quest to “develop dynamic disciples.” He is recognized as a catalyst to help individuals grow into lifelong Christian disciples who follow Jesus Christ. Pastor Jenkins has been in leadership at many churches, in many nonprofits, on many boards, and he has counseled many top-level leaders in both the ministry and political sphere. He’s also received an honorary doctorate of divinity from Southern California School of Ministry. Pastor John and his wife, Trina, are the proud parents of six children and five grandchildren.


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