[Podcast] Episode 102: Bob Barnes on the Essential Nature of Servant Leadership

bob barnes podcast Jun 14, 2022


Today, we’re sitting down with Dr. Bob Barnes about the stress of leadership during this season, how humility is indispensable for servant leadership, the journey he’s had with Sheridan House, and so much more. You’ll be inspired to champion those you work with and embrace a larger perspective of leadership than ever before!

0:00: Introduction with Bob Barnes

3:00: Bob’s Journey: Sheridan House, Interim Pastoring, and More

5:30: The Danger of Success

15:00: Leading with a Servant’s Heart

24:30: Marriage Must Be a Priority

33:00: Practical Advice on Prioritizing Marriage

35:00: More Information on Sheridan House

36:00: Offers from AVAIL

37:00: Rapid-Fire Questions

39:30: Final Thoughts

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