[Podcast] Episode 107: Charla Turner on Trust in Relationships

charla turner podcast Jul 19, 2022


We’re sitting down with Charla Turner today to discuss why trust is so important in a leader’s life. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, so it’s critical that we learn how to be a trustworthy person, find trustworthy people, and make trust a priority in order to enjoy healthy relationships.

0:00: Introduction with Charla Turner

3:00: The Heart Behind Trustworthy

6:00: Why Trust is Paramount

10:00: Red, Yellow, and Green Lights

13:00: Overcoming Trust Issues

16:30: Trusting Too Much?

19:30: Do I Trust God?

22:00: Trust: Essential for the Leader

24:30: Trust Principles

29:00: The Pain that Leaders Endure

33:00: Get Your Copy and Connect with Charla

34:30: Final Thoughts

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