[Podcast] Episode 109: Michael Turner on Sanctified Ambition vs. Selfish Ambition

michael turner podcast Aug 02, 2022


In today’s episode, Michael Turner unpacks several helpful topics for leaders, including sanctified ambition as distinct from selfish ambition, how to avoid the sin of comparison, the consequences of not checking our own ambition, how to grow in a healthy way, and how to submit to the Lord in the growing process. He also shares about the heart behind his book, Watch Me, Daddy, and why it’s important for leaders to read.

0:00: Introduction with Michael Turner

3:00: Sanctified Ambition vs. Selfish Ambition

10:00: Consequences of Unchecked Ambition

13:00: Watch Me, Daddy: The Heart Behind the Book

19:00: The Role of a Father in Identity and Affirmation

26:30: Falling into the Trap of Isolation

29:00: Practical Marriage Advice

32:30: Rapid-Fire Questions

36:30: Resources and Connections

38:30: Closing Thoughts

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