[Podcast] Episode 113: Irene Rollins on Reframing Your Shame

irene rollins podcast Oct 04, 2022


In this episode, Irene Rollins shares with us about reframing our shame as leaders. She’ll share insights from her new book, Reframe Your Shame, and give you practical tips on how to change your mindset when it comes to failures, flaws, and addictions. Her story is powerful and the empathy and advice she offers will change your perception on the role of leadership!

0:00: Introduction with Irene Rollins

4:30: Unpacking the Heart behind Reframe Your Shame

8:00: A Roadmap to Unexpected Destinations

11:00: Yellow Flags: Signs and Tendencies to Pay Attention To

17:30: Confronting the Situation: Conversations that Heal

22:30: The Importance of Prioritizing Marriage as Leaders

26:00: What is Reframing?

30:30: The Lie That You’re Alone

33:30: Why Doing the Work is Worth It

35:30: Connect with Irene Rollins

41:00: Final Thoughts

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