[Podcast] Episode 115: Aaron Jayne on The Secret of John's Leadership

podcast Oct 18, 2022


Today, we talk with Pastor Aaron Jayne about the secret of John's ministry. While so many Christian leaders build a foundation on how much they love Jesus, rather than Jesus' finished work on the cross! This truth frees us from so much pressure to earn righteousness, and it's the basis of our leadership!

0:00: Introduction with Aaron Jayne

5:00: John's Secret to Leadership

12:00: The Desire for a Scorecard

15:00: The Half of the Cross We Don't Understand

19:30: Aaron Jayne's Story

25:30: The Importance of This Message

29:30: Right Things, Wrong Motivation

32:00: For Those Who Feel Burnt Out

35:00: Connect with Aaron Jayne

36:30: Closing Thoughts

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