[Podcast] Episode 118: Josh Canizaro on Building a Generational and Interracial Church

josh canizaro podcast Nov 08, 2022

In this episode, Josh Canizaro shares with us about building a church that’s both generational and interracial. We’ll explore why churches tend to be homogenous—and why that’s a problem—how we solve that problem practically, and why being a generational and interracial church is so impactful in today’s world.

0:00: Introduction with Josh Canizaro

4:30: Homogenous Churches: Why It’s a Problem

9:30: The Solution

14:00: Why the Concept of Fathering is Essential

19:00: Practical Tips on Moving in the Right Direction

25:00: When Generational, Interracial Church is Done Well

29:30: The Implications if We Don’t Make Progress

32:00: Connect with Josh Canizaro and One Hope Church

34:30: Final Thoughts

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