[Podcast] Episode 121: Michael Carlton on Embracing a Biblical Identity

podcast Nov 29, 2022


In this episode, we sit down to chat with Michael Carlton about the heart behind his new book, Who Am I?. We can only live and lead based on the identity we embrace—who we believe we are. In this discussion, we’ll unpack the practical steps and spiritual truths that inform our growth in identity.

0:00: Introduction with Michael Carlton

2:30: The Heart Behind Who Am I?

7:00: The Backstory that Influenced the Message

11:30: The Beginning of Healing

16:30: Why Leaders Struggle with So Many Insecurities

22:00: Identity for Young Leaders is Crucial

25:30: Eternal Life without Abundant Life

29:00: “I Could Have Been Michael Jackson”

35:30: Final Thoughts

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