[Podcast] Episode 128: A New World, A New Way to Lead with Adam Mesa

podcast Jan 17, 2023

In this episode, Adam Mesa shares his story of growth in pastoral entrepreneurship, innovative approaches to engaging younger generations amid unique cultural challenges, how to master the art of tailored marketing with Kingdom purpose, and the importance of partnerships between the church and business communities. The current cultural climate is an asset for the church—not a hindrance!

0:00: Introduction with Adam Mesa

6:15: The Gift of Leadership: Harness It!

11:30: Millennials and Gen Z: Navigating Unique Challenges

17:12: Leadership in a Divisive and Disconnected Culture

23:30: Make the Message Matter for Your Church

33:40: Israel: An Urgent Invitation to the Holy Land

33:56: The Impact of Faith-Based Audio Content

37:25: Tightening Ties Between Churches and Business Communities

39:40: Final Thoughts

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