[Podcast] Episode 129: Engage with the Inevitable: Chaos in Leadership with Sam Chand

podcast Jan 24, 2023


In this episode, we sit down with Sam Chand to discuss how chaos is a prerequisite for effective leadership. Why leaders should pursue chaos and not run from it, the six questions all leaders of chaos should be asking, how to hold partners accountable in leading with character and valor amid chaos, and why pushback against leaders of chaos is an opportunity, not an obstacle!

0:00 Introduction with Sam Chand

2:00 The Passion of Equipping Leaders

4:00 The Heart Behind How Leaders Create Chaos: And Why They Should

10:25 Creating Chaos is Biblical

16:00 Critical Questions for Effective Leadership

29:10 The Leadership Partners We Need in Our Corner

33:36 The 3 As of Responding to Pushback

38:40 Where and How to Access Book

43:00 Closing Comments of Encouragement

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