[Podcast] Episode 130: Leading a Nonprofit: Redefining Meaningful Work with Tracy Trimblett

podcast Jan 31, 2023


In this episode, Tracy Trimblett delivers her insights on the multifaceted differences between corporate and nonprofit landscapes, such as departing from the linear culture of the corporate world and adopting the nonlinear culture of the nonprofit world, common misconceptions about the value placed on organizational excellence in nonprofits, and managing tension and burnout through vulnerability–– and God’s amazing grace!

0:00 Introduction with Tracy Trimblett

5:35 Overview of Corporate vs. Nonprofit Leadership

7:56 Contrast Between Corporate and Nonprofit Client Engagement

11:44 Key Qualities to Prioritize in Selecting Nonprofit Staff

16:10 Resolving Challenge of Corporate vs. Nonprofit Payscale

19:00 Misconceptions about Organizational Structure in Nonprofits

22:21 Managing Team Stress as a Leader

28:04 Managing Personal Stress as a Leader

31:00 Encouragement to Freely Express Vulnerability as a Leader

35:33 How to Connect with Tracy

37:19 Final Thoughts

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