[Podcast] Episode 131: Make Today Your Masterpiece with Bob Fashano

podcast Feb 07, 2023


In this episode, we welcome Bob Fashano to the AVAIL podcast to discuss the heart behind his new book Make Today Your Masterpiece! In this episode, Bob teaches us that leaders create masterpieces through deliberate day-to-day decisions, that your purpose is accomplished when you help others achieve theirs first, and that gratitude is an essential ingredient for designing YOUR masterpiece—not later, but today!

00:00 Introduction with Bob Fashano

5:06 Heart Behind Make Today Your Masterpiece

10:46 Target Audience

12:15 Unpacking Book Title: What Does it Mean?

16:07 The 3 Cs of Creating a Masterpiece

19:30 Daily Marks of Successful Masterpiece Creation

27:42 Impact of Book on Leaders

30:25 Advice to Young Bob Fashano

33:30 Connecting with Bob

35:40 AVAIL Involvement

37:13 Final Thoughts

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