[Podcast] Episode 132: Slay the Giant of Deception with Strategy with Adam F. Jones

podcast Feb 14, 2023


In this episode, we claim victory over the weapons formed against us with Adam F. Jones. Adam’s new book, Weapons of Mass Deception, arms us to deny access to enemy assaults, come out from hiding and mend our fractured identities, and repair the damage done to our fissured hearts. The enemy will crack your vessel, but with a fierce counterattack, it doesn’t have to leak. 

00:00 Introduction with Adam F. Jones

3:57 The Heart Behind Weapons of Mass Deception

7:18 Weapons of Mass Deception: What Are They?

10:55 Personal Story

15:22 Health of Your Heart, Home, and Headquarters

18:42 What are the Weapons?

23:!5 Origin of Weapons

28:00 Deploying the Counterattack

30:54 How to Buy the Book

33:15 Kingdom Operatives: An Organization for Leaders

36:43 Closing Thoughts

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