[Podcast] Episode 134: Jesus, The Father of Revolution

podcast Feb 28, 2023


In this episode, we learn from Brent McCorkle, the director of the upcoming film Jesus Revolution, on how failure is not optional for exceptional leadership (but essential), how life’s storms fertilize the terrain of a leader’s heart to shepherd the hearts of those being led, and how your art is only as good as the love you lay bare to others. 

00:00 Introduction with Brent McCorkle

13:45 Leadership in Creative Pursuits

19:26 Process of Leader Formation

29:00 Heart Behind Jesus Revolution

35:00 Brent McCorkle’s Role in Jesus Revolution

36:40 Best Way to Connect with Brent McCorkle

37:30 Invitation to AVAIL Journal

36:14 Final Thoughts and Encouragements

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