[Podcast] Episode 135: People Over Product with Dave Gibbons

podcast Mar 07, 2023


In this episode, Dave Gibbons calls all leaders to be the confluence at the junction of cultural and church polarization by living in one accord with God. We learn the key to innovation is not to keep our eyes on the prize, but on God’s image bearers.

00:00 Introduction with Dave Gibbons

2:57 Dave’s Leadership Specialization

4:10 Steps to Innovation and Creative Process

8:48 Getting Stuck at Experimentation and Entropy Stages

10:03 Getting Stuck at Elegance Stage

12:17 Biblical and Personal Examples of the Flow Zone

23:47 Tips for Staying in the Flow

26:24 Importance of Flow State in Leadership

28:38 Moving Past Polarization Within and Apart from the Church

33:31 Negative Effects of Polarization on Leaders

35:44 How to Connect with Dave

36:40 AVAIL Journal

37:05 Final Thoughts

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