[Podcast] Episode 136: The Surgery of Soul Care with Renee Hill Carter

podcast Mar 14, 2023


On today’s AVAIL podcast episode, our guest, Renée Hill Carter, imparts words of wisdom on the epidemic of leaders' emotional self-neglect, the masquerade of resilience, and the disregard of emotional symptoms. Leaders: suspend the notion that you can’t afford rest—you can’t afford not to.

00:00 Introduction with Renée Hill Carter

7:38 Inspiration Behind What About Me?

12:55 The Cost of Neglecting Soul Care

21:53 The Red Flags of Emotional Decline Among Leaders

31:29 Every Soul Care Provider Needs a Soul Care Provider

37:20 How to Connect with Renée Hill Carter

41:20 AVAIL Journal

42:01 Final Word of Encouragment

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