[Podcast] Episode 139: What is Going Right? With Valorie Burton

podcast Apr 04, 2023


On this episode of the AVAIL podcast, Valerie Burton introduces the power of coaching with a twist—coaching isn’t just a life-changing service, it’s an exercise in academics! Through the confluence of positive psychology and coaching, you can flip the script and tell a different story—obstacles are sheep in wolves’ clothing; they are disguised as an enemy but unearthed as an opportunity. As you call the bluff on false urgencies and make room for the meaningful, get ready for an overflow of God’s infinite possibilities for you!

00:00 Introduction with Valerie Burton

3:53 Why Coaching is Important for Leaders

12:15 All About the CAPP Institute

14:38 Candidates for CAPP

17:46 Why is CAPP Unique?

19:46 CAPP Website: Learn More

21:09 Introduction to Book It’s About Time

25:28 Observations of Urgent Over Meaningful

31:00 Tips to Choosing Meaningful Over Urgent

36:19 How to Connect with Valerie

37:12 AVAIL Journal

38:12 Valerie’s Closing Thoughts 

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