[Podcast] Episode 140: When Leaders Serve, Others Will Follow with Nido Qubein

podcast Apr 11, 2023


In today’s episode, Nido Qubein paints an intricate picture of leadership, but reduces it to one simple principle—the commission to lead is the commission to give. The world knows a leader by their heart, and while leaders must pioneer their way through fires, it should never be extinguished!

00:00 Introduction with Nido Qubein

5:48 Nido’s Leadership Roles

7:55 Key Principles of Christian Leadership

11:25 Wisdom for Discouraged Leaders

16:13 Seal Impact with Longevity

24:42 Importance of Mentors and Models

32:00 Practical Features Found in a Good Leader

41:11 How to Connect with Nido Qubein

44:12 AVAIL Journal

45:16 Closing Thoughts from Nido Qubein

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