[Podcast] Episode 141: Your Soul Holds The Answers With Lance Witt Part 1

podcast Apr 18, 2023


In this episode of the AVAIL podcast, Lance Witt advocates for healing from the inside out, not the outside in! Lance invites us to treat the cause of the wound in order to eradicate the symptoms! When we neglect the state of our souls, we risk sabotaging our sacred assignment of godly leadership. Pay attention to your soul and say goodbye to putting out fires! 

00:00 Introduction with Lance Witt

4:52 Attend to Your Soul

8:15 Why Increase Self Awareness of Inner Life?

11:08 Red Flags That You May Need an Inner Soul Check

15:07 Find a Pace and Rhythm for Work and Rest

22:56 Establish Boundaries for a Healthy Life

25:50 All About Lance’s Book Your One Life

28:39 AVAIL Journal

29:25 Closing Thoughts

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