[Podcast] Episode 142: Your Soul Holds The Answers With Lance Witt Part 2

podcast Apr 25, 2023


Today’s ministry culture is “checking out,” but the Bible gives us permission to “check in!” Lance Witt joins us today on the AVAIL podcast for Part 2 of our discussion about soul care in ministry. Today’s focus is on returning to noble ministry by replacing the culture of the pursuit of clout with the pursuit of vulnerability, humility, boundaries, personal ownership, and distraction elimination.

00:00 Introduction with Lance Witt

2:38 Making Ministry Noble Again

7:15 Why We See Poor Ministry Nobility

11:09 Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Life Counselors

14:33 Self-Leadership

21:00 Wrestling With the Tension of Responsibility and Soul Care

23:53 Connection Between Technology and Your Soul

28:58 New Replenish Life Plan

31:40 AVAIL Journal

32:15 Closing Thoughts

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