[Podcast] Episode 143: We Find Him When We Fear Him with John Bevere Part 1

podcast May 02, 2023


The fear of the Lord is not only misunderstood, but villainized among men and women in desperate need of freedom from fear of the world! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, John Revere arrests the culprit of our separation from God—the suffocation of holy fear. Do not fear the fear of God. Make it your life’s mission!

00:00 Introduction with John Bevere

3:31 Heart Behind John’s Book The Awe of God

7:23 Constructive vs. Destructive Fear

11:30 Structure of The Awe of God

15:56 Shepherding Others to Fear of God

22:00 Biblical Promises to Those Who Fear God

25:53 How and Where to Get The Awe of God

27:13 The Awe of God Supplementary Resources

28:06 AVAIL Journal

28:38 Closing and Announcement of Part 2

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