[Podcast] Episode 146: Make the Kingdom Your World with Cole Phillips

podcast May 23, 2023


On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Cole Phillips advises us not to live alone in the boxes of family, faith, and business, but to invite Jesus to live with us in them all! Cole shares how you get blessings to give blessings and how submission to Christ is a lifestyle—not an event.

00:00 Introduction with Cole Phillips

6:04 Blessed to Be a Blessing

8:18 Why Some People Don’t Live in Abundance

12:20 Living With “Kingdom First” Values

15:50 Practical Wisdom for New Believers in “Kingdom First” Leadership

18:06 How Do I Know Where I Should Serve?

22:03 Kingdom Impact Outside of the Church

24:39 Pointers to Bridging Faith and Business

27:19 Maintaining Family-Life Balance

33:03 How to Connect With Cole

34:31 AVAIL

35:38 Final Thoughts

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