[Podcast] Episode 147: Today's Media is Tomorrow's Miracle With Dave Almgren

podcast May 30, 2023

Revival can start in the most unlikely of places, and a movie theater sure fits the bill! Dave Almgren shares how and why on today’s AVAIL podcast episode. Dave encourages ministry leaders to leverage modern media rather than shrink from it because people are most impacted in the places they already go!

00:00 Introduction with Dave Almgren

6:46 Ministry Leaders Can Connect The World to Christ Through Modern Media

13:21 Proof that Worldly Information Mediums Can Become Kingdom Megaphones

17:30 Youth Pastoring as an Asset for Media and Ministry

22:09 Practical Ways Church Leaders Can Leverage Media

29:14 Encouragement for Ministry Leaders

32:30 How to Connect with Dave

34:20 AVAIL Journal

35:00 Closing Thoughts

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