[Podcast] Episode 149: Men Must Mend The Father Wound with Wayne Alcorn

podcast Jun 13, 2023

On this episode of the AVAIL Podcast, Wayne Alcorn calls on all men to confront the abrasions of their hearts left by broken relationships with their fathers. In his new book, My Father’s Son: Hope for Generations, Wayne describes how one decision by one man can change the trajectory of an entire generation, and forgiveness is a great place to start.

00:00 Introduction with Wayne Alcorn

6:26 Inspiration Behind My Father’s Son: Hope for Generations

13:10 The Problem of the Father Wound

16:05 Healing the Father Wound

22:37 Why

28:08 Hope for Younger and Older Generations of Men

33:24 Where to Learn About Wayne and Find Book

35:10 AVAIL Journal

36:10 Closing Words of Wisdom

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