[Podcast] Episode 153: Let Old Next Gen Leadership Die Hard Dr. Ty Moody

podcast Aug 08, 2023

The future of the Church depends on the next generation—but they depend on us! In this episode of the AVAIL podcast, ministry leader Dr. Ty Moody shares how her path to leading youth ministry has taught her how to strike the balance between cultural relevance and standing on the Word of God to mark the rising leaders of the next generation.

00:00 Introduction with Ty Moody

3:45 Importance of Investing in Next Gen

6:45 Leading the Preschool

7:31 What Do You Wish You Would Have Known?

9:29 Biggest Issues Next Gen are Facing

11:48 What Is and Isn’t Working in Next Gen Ministry?

14:44 What to Look for in Next Gen Leaders

18:46 Next Gen Response to Vulnerability

20:30 Women Leading the Church

24:09 What Ty Felt in Beginning Stages of Ministry

28:57 Advice for Young Women Questioning Leadership Calling

32:54 The Legacy Ty Seeks to Leave

34:16 How to Get Connected with Ty

35:10 AVAIL Journal

36:10 Final Thoughts

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