[Podcast] Episode 154: A Prayer Culture is Not Optional with Donald Gibson

podcast Aug 15, 2023

When the Church wakes up, the world wakes up—and prayer is the alarm clock! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastor Donald Gibson shares the message of his new book, Culture, Prayer, and Revival, that church leaders bear the responsibility of distilling a culture of prayer in their congregations, and how neglecting this responsibility will cost the Church its life—and the lives of lost souls.

00:00 Introduction with Donald Gibson

3:23 New Book Culture, Prayer, Revival

5:10 Why Churches Are Missing Prayer Culture

10:12 The Culture, Prayer, Revival Process Broken Down

13:30 When Need for a Prayer Culture “Clicked”

17:54 Practical Advice for Leaders

22:05 The Essential Prayer Fuel of Love

24:24 Who God Used to Fuel Donald’s for Prayer

26:13 Encounters with Misguided Prayer

28:53 Donald’s Hope for the Book

31:10 How to Connect with Donald

32:08: The AVAIL Journal

33:04: Closing Thoughts

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