[Podcast] Episode 155: Putting the “Success” in Succession with Dr. Glen Wolf

podcast Aug 22, 2023

Leadership authority isn’t for us to keep, but to hand over! Thanks to today’s AVAIL podcast guest Dr. Glen Wolf, leaders now have an invaluable resource to stay ahead of the curve in what will soon be the biggest wave of transitional successions the Church has ever seen! Dr. Wolf’s new book Switchpoint is a one-stop shop to successful succession—and a convincing case for why leaders should care about it!

00:00 Introduction with Dr. Glen Wolf

3:18 Importance of New Book Switchpoint

4:32 Inspiration for Book Title

6:56 Why All Leaders Need Switchpoint

13:23 Why So Many Pastors are Unprepared

22:29 Practical Keys for Successful Transition

26:53 Outgoing vs. Incoming Pastor Responsibilities

29:52 How to Connect with Dr. Wolf and Buy Book

32:38 AVAIL Journal

33:18 Final Thoughts

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