[Podcast] Episode 156: The Leader is a Value Adder with Tim Harrell

podcast Aug 29, 2023

People are in need of more than just leadership—they are in need of an others-focused leader! The AVAIL podcast welcomes today’s guest, Tim Harrell, in a riveting discussion about what leadership is really about—zealous service to others. Tim connotes that ministry leaders who stop adding value are no longer leaders.

00:00 Introduction with Tim Harrell

3:19 Others-Driven Leadership Unpacked

5:25 Who Modeled Others-Driven Leadership for Tim

8:14 The Language of the Next-Level Leader

10:19 Example of Leadership Courtesy

13:12 Negative Impact of Abandoning Your Post

15:55 What Tim Wishes He Would Have Known

21:02 Seasonal Transitions

25:50 Most Influential People in Tim’s Life

28:47 Why Do Ministry Leaders Need a Coach?

34:40 How to Connect with Tim

35:32 AVAIL Journal

36:27 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement

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