[Podcast] Episode 158: Creativity is a Ministry with Joe Phillips

podcast Sep 05, 2023

Comedy is more than just funny and art is more than just an exercise in creativity—they are the stars of the show of ministry! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Joe Phillips expounds on the accessibility of the gospel for those who may not seek Jesus on their own, but WILL seek entertainment. If we can meet people where they’re at, they will meet Jesus where HE is at!

00:00 Introduction with Joe Phillips

4:36 When Do Creative Abilities Come to Life?

6:45 Pastor vs. Creator: Joe’s Favorite Role

8:50 How to Marry Art and Evangelism

13:57 Practical Advice and Encouragement for Creatives

15:51 All About New Book Irrevocable

19:19 Why People Run from God’s Calling

23:33 How Does Someone Land on Their Calling?

27:22 What Joe Wishes He Would Have Known

29:08 Practical Wisdom for Young Leaders about Finding Joy in Ministry

31:52 Lightning Round with Joe

37:24 How to Connect with Joe and Get Irrevocable

39:01 AVAIL Journal

39:29 Closing Thoughts

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