[Podcast] Episode 157: Your Message is Their Manna with Martijn van Tilborgh

podcast Aug 31, 2023

We are called to be co-laborers with God, but also to labor FOR Him—as a mouthpiece for His message! Today on the AVAIL podcast, we welcome the one and only Martijn van Tilborgh, entrepreneurial visionary and Co-Founder of yours truly, AVAIL! Martijn will inspire you to boldly steward the message God has given you as an offering to expand His Kingdom . . . and prepare to settle into the Promised Land!

00:00 Introduction w/ Martijn van Tilborgh - AVAIL

4:52 All About Martijn’s Work

7:00 First 3 Lessons from Story of Moses

17:08 Final 2 Lessons from Story of Moses

22:43 Inspiration for Helping Leaders Steward Their Message

27:38 Knowing Where to Start

31:34 The Value of Working with a Publisher

37:06 Steps to Take Toward Publishing Your Book

41:46 AVAIL Journal

42:38 Lightning Round with Martijn

45:03: Final Nuggets of Wisdom

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