[Podcast] Episode 159: You are Different, You are Needed with David S. Winston

podcast Sep 12, 2023

God doesn’t need two of the same voices—He needs YOURS, and has defined you by what makes you different! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, we sit down with David S. Winston and learn that not only is there a place for us all at the table, but our seat has been set apart from our neighbors! His message is this: be emboldened to come out of the shadows and shine the light that is uniquely yours to the world!

00:00 Introduction with David S. Winston

4:04 Heart Behind New Book Authentic

7:47 Changing Yourself for the Better vs. Confidence in Who You Are

10:38 The Courage to Release Your Greatness

13:36 Staying Authentic Amid the Sea of Voices

17:00 Withstanding and Opposing the Pressure of Sameness

20:52 Dealing with Discouragement as a Leader

24:48 5 Practical Steps to Becoming Authentic

29:42 How to Buy New Book and Connect with David

31:53 AVAIL Journal

32:30 Lightning Round Q & A

35:20 Closing Thoughts

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