[Podcast] Episode 160: God Still Blesses If You Blow It with Brian Dollar

podcast Sep 19, 2023

Failures can feel catastrophic, but they can actually be a catalyst for flourishing—if we respond with integrity and self-forgiveness. Brian Dollar shares his personal story of learning to lead well in the aftermath of failures on today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast. He encourages us that failures don’t have to break you. They can make you. All you need is a little transparency, ownership, and curiosity!

00:00 Introduction with Brian Dollar

3:51 All About New Book, I Blew It!

5:12 Common Mistakes Leaders Make

8:30 Brian’s Preparation from Early Stages of Ministry

10:41 Differences between the Mistakes Younger vs. Older Leaders Make

13:35 Advice for How to Get Up After You Fall Down

17:47 Trusted Leaders Can Help You Move Past Failures

25:06 How Leaders Should Respond to Staff Confessions/Vulnerability

27:32 Specific Issues I Blew It! Addresses

31:44 Three Important Tips for a Dynamic Relationship with Pastor

35:17 How to Get I Blew It! and Connect with Brian

36:54 AVAIL Journal

37:18 Final Thoughts


You can get your copy of Brian's book, I Blew It!, here.

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