[Podcast] Episode 161: Fasting for Your Finances with George B. Thompson

podcast Sep 26, 2023

Fasting is not just an exercise in spiritual discipline, but of financial stewardship! On today’s AVAIL podcast, George B. Thompson identifies the missing piece of financial stewardship messages in the Church: we know what it is, we know we need to do it well, but we don’t know where or how to start. George holds this missing piece in his new, easy-to-read book, 21-Day Fast Start, that we can begin implementing now!

00:00 Introduction with George B. Thompson

2:39 Heart Behind New Book 21-Day Fast Start

4:30 Where the Heart of Stewardship Comes From

8:11 Simple Ways to Step in the Right Direction

9:34 All About the 5 Financial Levels

16:30 How to Model Good Stewardship for Others

19:00 Who Taught George about Money?

23:36 Patterns of Generational Financial Disorder

27:31 The Spiritual Relationship with Money

29:58 What IS Generational Wealth, Really?

36:22 Buy Book and Connect with George

38:31 AVAIL Journal

39:32 Closing Thoughts

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