[Podcast] Episode 162: Live Your Life on Purpose with Michelle Hubert

podcast Oct 03, 2023

Leadership isn't just about authority—it's about intention and designing a framework for success. Today on the AVAIL podcast, Michelle Hubert unpacks the core message of her new book, Living With Purpose. She encourages leaders to approach leadership with a “serve first” ethos. Dive in as we explore the art of impactful leadership, craft a roadmap for intentional living, and take control of your purpose!

00:00 Introduction with Michelle Hubert

4:54 Winning at Home to Live Out Your Purpose

6:47 Heart Behind New Book Living with Purpose

11:24 Types of Freedom

19:15 Importance of Changing Organizational Culture

23:31 Lessons Along the Journey of Leadership

27:05 Most Memorable Moment of Living with Purpose

32:36 What is Legacy, Really?

33:56 How to Get Michelle’s New Book

34:31 The Living with Purpose Masterclass

35:34 AVAIL Journal

36:33 Final Thoughts

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