[Podcast] Episode 163: Harness Your Youth and Lead Well with Cameron Singh

podcast Oct 10, 2023

Pay attention to your surroundings—the fingerprints of your future might be right in front of you! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Cameron Singh shares his leadership journey in the aviation industry, how he stepped into the big leagues as a rookie, a few sobering moments that changed the course of his path, and how it all began with a nearby airport in his hometown!

00:00 Introduction with Cameron Singh

2:52 Heart Behind New Book Navigation and Discovery

4:33 Importance of Navigation and Discovery for Young Leaders

6:16 Personal Shifts in Passion and Calling

8:25 Young Cameron’s Experience Stepping into Leadership

10:50 Breaking Down “Owing the Room” Chapter

12:47 One Tip for Taking Steps to Own the Room

13:59 Tips for Senior Mentorship of Young Leadership

16:59 Moving Forward Despite Rejection and Failure

18:48 Cameron’s Story of Failure

20:36 Two Influential Mentors in Leadership Journey

22:45 Leveraging Social Media for Branding

24:46 What You Wish You Would Have Known

26:20 What Do You Want to be Remembered For?

27:18 How New Book Will Help and Why You Should Get It

28:18 How to Get Book and Companion Resources

30:06 How to Find and Connect with Cameron

30:56 AVAIL Journal

31:38 Lightning Round

33:57 Closing Thoughts


What are you working towards? What and how are you trying to navigate and discover? Navigation and Discovery, yes it is a huge part of the journey called life. 

Hear from a young professional, Cameron Nathan Singh, and his story of how he was able to navigate and discover his true passion and calling that God called him to live out.

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