[Podcast] Episode 164: Raising Children with Jesus with Jonathan Brozozog

podcast Oct 17, 2023

Setting your kids up for future success is more than just a duty—it's a calling. Jonathan Brozozog joins today’s AVAIL podcast episode and unpacks his new book, Raising Parents. Jonathan calls for a Jesus-centered parenting reset to empower children to walk in faith, leadership, and conviction!

00:00 Introducing Jonathan Brozozog

3:17 How New Book Raising Parents Was Born

5:19 Importance of Children Extending Grace Towards Their Parents

8:33 The Heart Behind Part 1 and Part 2 of Raising Parents

12:49 Practical Wisdom on Effective Parenting

18:14 Importance of Godly Discipline for Children

23:02 Hardest Ages in the Parenting Journey

27:21 Why Parenting Become an Important Topic for Jonathan

31:22 Where to Find Raising Parents and How to Connect with Jonathan

32:41 The Companion Masterclass to Raising Parents

33:37 AVAIL Journal

34:17 Final Words of Encouragement

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