[Podcast] Episode 165: The Courage for Deeper Discipleship with Quovadis "Q" Marshall

podcast Oct 24, 2023

In a world where unity and diversity are more crucial than ever, there is an urgent need for real discipleship in the church—for all. Today’s guest stands as a testament to this. On this episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastor Quovadis “Q” Marshall delves into healthy pastoring for a healthy church. To disciple well, even leaders must be discipled!

00:00 Introduction with Quovadis “Q” Marshall

3:48 Pursuing deeper discipleship in the Church

10:03 Why Churches are Either Mission or Discipleship Dominant

14:25 Common Struggles for Pastors Limiting Discipleship and Mission Growth

19:12 Growing a Multicultural Church

31:11 Importance of a Church Leader’s Health

37:13 How to Connect with “Q”

38:21 AVAIL Journal

39:02 Final Thoughts

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