[Podcast] Episode 166: The American Church Rescue Mission with Chris Sonksen

podcast Oct 31, 2023

The church in America is sinking, but there is a always a rescue team close at hand! On today's episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastor Chris Sonksen delves deep into the subtle behaviors that can signal the start of a tear in the church. Drawing from his new book Saving Your Church from Itself, Pastor Sonksen instructs leaders on how to be proactive in creating a thriving church and not reactive after it’s too late.

00:00 Introduction with Chris Sonksen

2:37 Heart Behind New Book Saving Your Church from Itself

4:58 The Subtle Behaviors that Put Churches on the Decline

7:46 Reasons for Subtle Behaviors

12:31 What Does Artificial Harmony Look Like in the Church?

14:56 Tips for Pastors to Avoid Subtle Behaviors that Sink the Church

19:25 When to Bring Others into Conflict Resolution Conversations

21:10 What is Church Boom?

26:18 Personal Story of Church Rescue

30:39 How God Unveils Your Calling

33:26 How to Connect with Chris

35:10 AVAIL Journal

35:40 Lightning Round

37:36 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement

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