[Podcast] Episode 167: Returning to Discipleship with Phil Pringle

podcast Nov 07, 2023

What does it take to lead a global spiritual movement? For Pastor Phil Pringle, it begins with discipleship. Join us today on the AVAIL podcast as he unpacks the essence of leadership from his book, Disciple, and shares how, though cultural disruption has scattered many, disciple-making is still and will always be the answer!

00:00 Introduction with Phil Pringle

6:27 The Message and Heart Behind Disciple

11:43 Why Jesus’s Inner Circle is Not in the Multitude

15:00 Practical Ways to Make Disciples

24:07 What the Holy Spirit Wants to Do in This Next Season

28:20 Hunger for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

32:19 Top Prayer Items for Young Ministry Leaders

36:25 Most Influential People in Phil’s Ministry Journey

39:49 How to Buy Disciples and Connect with Phil

41:23 AVAIL Journal

42:09 Final Thoughts

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