[Podcast] Episode 169: The Search for Purpose with Jaime Loya

podcast Nov 21, 2023

In the realm of bilingual and multi-site ministries, Jaime Loya’s influential Hispanic leadership ministry is a beacon of light! Today on the AVAIL podcast, we dive into the heart of Cross Church and the ripple effects of Jaime’s leadership and the fulfillment of his purpose—helping others discover theirs!

00:00 Introduction with Pastor Jaime Loya

5:33 Discovering Your Purpose

11:03 Pastor Jaime’s Discovery Journey and Practical Ways to Discover Your Own

18:27 Seeking the Wrong Mentors and the Road to Failure

23:01 Maximizing Your Potential

27:00 Distinguishing Between those Who Do and Do Not Maximize Their Potential

33:09 The Impact of Discovering Purpose in Pastor Jaime’s Ministry

36:43 Where to Learn More about Pastor Jaime’s Ministry

39:41 Closing Thoughts

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