[Podcast] Episode 170: The Rise of the Re-Leader with Dr. Jon Chasteen

podcast Nov 28, 2023

From rekindling the embers of a pre-established church to rebuilding its culture, there are blessings embedded along the re-leading journey. Dr. Jon Chasteen joins us today on the AVAIL podcast to discuss the heart behind his new book, Re-Leader, as an address to re-leaders on how to shepherd a new church toward a brighter and more unified future!

00:00 Introduction with Dr. Jon Chasteen

4:55 All About Dr. Chasteen’s New Book Re-Leader

9:02 Biggest Challenges in the New Re-Leader Paradigm

12:03 Re-Leading Takes Patience and Trust-Building

17:33 Practical Ways to Build Trust as a New Leader

22:00 What Makes a Good Re-Leader

28:58 Offering Help to Leader through Re-Leader

32:21 AVAIL Journal

33:34 Final Words of Wisdom

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