[Podcast] Episode 171: Leading with a Kingdom Heart with Joel Milgate

podcast Dec 05, 2023

On today’s AVAIL podcast episode, we delve into the heart of true leadership with Joel Milgate. Exploring themes from his book, To Lead: A Practical Guide for Leaders in Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, Joel discusses the crucial role of humility in leadership, the importance of cultivating a kingdom culture, and the transformative power of leading by example. Learn how to lead not just with your mind, but with your heart.

00:00 Introduction with Joel Milgate

3:30 Heart Behind New Book To Lead: A Practical Guide for Leaders in Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

4:43 About the Opening Question in To Lead

8:00 Leading Yourself vs. Leading Others

9:43 Spiritual Readiness for Leadership

12:06 Joel’s Moment of Awakening—Leading Yourself

16:09 The Role of Marriage in Leadership Discovery

18:32 To Lead is to Own It—Leading Others

21:44 Advice on Leading Others

25:44 Leading to Shape Culture

28:42 Shaping Kingdom Culture in Action

31:30 Value of To Lead for Ministry Leaders

33:41 How to Connect with Joel and Where to Purchase To Lead

34:22 Learn More About Curate Church

34:38 AVAIL Journal

35:49 Lightning Round

37:05 Closing Thoughts and Words of Wisdom

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